About me

gatto1My name is Marsia…
I am italian.  I lived in Roma till ’96.. Now I live in Greece,
I am married and mother of a 13years old girl that is making me crazy..
I am a graphic designer and I work with my husband in our Typography.

My love? Arts.. of all kind..

I was born in 1980 and from the age of 10 I was searching “My Art”…

I began with piano.. Talent they said.. but deep inside it wasn’t me and I left conservatory 1 year before the last.

Then I learned  by my self guitar and start to write music and sing.. I was the singer of a group but it wasn’t me too.. I never could go for a live, can you imagine me singing in front of the public.. Oh my god!!! But at least a song of mine had his fortune…

Next step, Candles.. Lovely hobby, but too hot.. I made a lot of candles and I understood that I love to watch candles burning but not to make… and I still watching them burning..

After candles, I made some jewellery, haircutting, cooking (not like every normal person does),  working clay.. I can say I was good enough in all of that but still nothing..

After all of that, I discovered Decoupage and something good was happening..

I left behind the napkins e remained with acrylics and brushes in my hands and I was so in love.. and after 2 years I tried watercolors and with my loved waterproof  Unipin pen, so many brushes and a lot of paper (thanks to my job), finally I found myself..

Of course I learned a lot of things during this journey, all useful things..
but Painting was what I was searching so many years…

Now it’s time to share my love with you…

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. We have had similar journeys. I’ve tried everything – even more than you, but I am now 66 years old and have had more time. My basement is jammed with crafting supplies: Yarns for knitting and crocheting, ephemera for mixed media, canvasses for painting, paints, inks, machines for scrapbooking, fabrics for sewing, rug hooking supplies, punch needle, ….I could go on and on – literally for hours. All is somewhat organized because I can flip overnight and decide I want to get back to clay modeling or pottery. I am so lucky to have such a large basement, so I can just go from one area to another and do different crafts.

    I agree with you about watercolor. It is soothing and fun and challenging all at the same time. You have a real talent, and it is a joy to follow your blog. You inspire me and make me want to be better. I had a son who was born in 1980 too, and it was always easy to remember how old he was, or would have been, because of the even number of the year he was born. Even weirder, that poster you use was the poster he requested we bring him as a souvenir from Paris the last time we were there. Life is full of coincidences, isn’t it?

    • My dear Patsye, you must be a wonderful person.. I always had that thought about people who have the power to create.. People like you who take out the best from myself.. You see, I can’t really see that talent in me, I am a so insecure person and hardly can see the beauty in what I do but the love I feel in doing it wins everything else.. I have so much to learn yet and I am sure I will, cause for sure I am not the routine person.. I always have to make something new but painting in watercolor fills my mind with beautiful worlds, it releases me from bad thoughts and memories, it gives a deep serenity and joy.. I have not words to thank you enough for yours comments, all of them… The moment I read them, you make me believe in me… Thank you so much and about coincidences.. Yes life is curiously and mysteriously full of them.. Sometimes I ask myself if there is an inner meaning beyond everyone of them…

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