Art journal 1-10-14 in pen and watercolor & homemade leather pen holder


After almost 10 days I am here again..
So many days without painting made me depressed.
Today I finally had a little bit of time for myself and of course I took out
my journal and my watercolors to express my welcome to the Autumn
but it seems to me that the long time without painting can be seen in the page..

Maybe it’s just my impression but I think 10 days ago I could made it better.
Doesn’t matter, at least I painted and a little smile appeared on my face ❤

Here it is…

Watercolor 58

I also had the pleasure to play with some velvety leather I have
and I made a double pen holder for my Traveler Notebook..
I have some more leather remained to make 2 or 3 more pen holders
and if someone is interested I can make and give them
at 6 Euro each + worldwide shipping (5 Euro).
For more information please send an email at:

Homemade Pen Holder

Homemade Pen Holder + elastic

 See you soon my friends..


para-decorative-elements-dividerIf you use an Art journal or a sketchbook,
come and join to our group (The Art Journal Group)..
We are waiting for you.



2 thoughts on “Art journal 1-10-14 in pen and watercolor & homemade leather pen holder

  1. I hope you get many buyers. These are beautiful. Where I live used to be the “furniture capital” of America. People would come from thousands of miles away to buy furniture. There were over 400 furniture manufacturing companies within 50 miles of Hickory. Now there are less than 50, but leather is what people are buying for couches. Consequently we have all these thrift stores that receive left over leather, some pieces as big as a bed sheet, and they sell it very cheap. I have several boxes of this leather, in all different colors and textures and thickness. Someday I’ll get around to doing something with it. Maybe some sketch books, or brush holders. Don’t know how to sew leather though I do have a Necchi which is supposed to be able to handle the weight of leather.

    You’ve done another lovely painting. Great colors. Patsye p.s. Did my card arrive???

    • oh lucky you my dear Patsye with all those pieces of leather.. I love to make cases and bookcovers with leather but it’s so hard to find any piece 😦 … Thank you as always for you nice words and unfortunately I didn’t receive yet your postcard but I sent to you an email 🙂 hugs

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