Art journal – Watercolor challenge 5 themes/days all in one page and papers

Thank to my dear friend Patsye and her post

Looking for a Challenge: Sketch a Day or Week

I found this 328 days watercolor challenge..
It’s just perfect especially for those days I want so much to
paint but my mind is so empty that I can’t decide what to draw.

So yesterday I decided to begin with it and the first theme was “draw a shoe”
but then I read the next 4:  “lamp, bag, cup, your bed” and I couldn’t resist
so I put the first 5 themes all together in one art journaling page..
..Do you think It was cheating? 🙂


I used my new watercolor notebook,
the one I showed you in the previous post with the deckle edges..
I am so in love with this paper I found.
You wet the paper as much as you want but it doesn’t change shape at all..
Here is a picture of it..

watercolor paper

The color as you can see is not white, it seems more like a light and warm recycled paper
and it has some colored spots here and there..

Me and my husband have a typography so we collaborates with some paper suppliers
and I am testing different papers with watercolors cause it seems so hard to find
a very good watercolor book that at the same time is not so expensive ..
You know, I paint a lot and every art journal page I paint is usually a double page
and I can’t use for all the subjects the same size..
Not all subjects fits well in small and long pages, sometimes I need something
bigger or more squared.. I should spend a fortune in watercolor notebook.

I am sure I am not the only one having this complain
So a project I am thinking of,
is one of these days to make and sell watercolor notebooks at less than 10 Euro
with good papers I found and I use too,
with different kind of binding and sizes and with the cover painted by me..
I personally prefer to have mine sewed with a white twine, it looks more wild I think
but everyone has his preferences..

In any case I still don’t know if I am going to do this..
For the moment it’s just a project under construction..

 See you soon my friends..


para-decorative-elements-dividerIf you use an Art journal or a sketchbook,
come and join to our group (The Art Journal Group)..
We are waiting for you.


One thought on “Art journal – Watercolor challenge 5 themes/days all in one page and papers

  1. great idea! i hear you on the dilemma on what to draw or paint daily. sometimes it’s hard to get motivated especially when lack the time or opportunity to get out and see more things/places. keep up the good work marsia, this piece looks cosy 🙂

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