Art journal – Trying a brush and a new watercolor notebook

Last days I am so tired and it’s not easy
to find time to sit and paint… I am also taking some antibiotics that kill me
but today I found some time to make a new watercolor notebook
with deckle edges and to try a brush until now I had only used with acrylics..

About the notebook I am already in love with it, it looks so old ❀
about the brush, I cannot really say I liked it but at least it’s good for backgrounds..

So this is the new watercolor notebook.. Isn’t it beautiful?

New Notebook with deckle edges

Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the today art journaling…
but let’s say it was a test page about the paper and the brush..


See you soon my friends..


para-decorative-elements-dividerIf you use an Art journal or a sketchbook,
come and join to our group (The Art Journal Group)..
We are waiting for you.


2 thoughts on “Art journal – Trying a brush and a new watercolor notebook

  1. Oral antibiotics kill the natural flora in your GI system. Always take a probiotic (available at any drug store) when taking an antibiotic to mitigate this. You will feel much better. Nurse’s orders! (I take a daily probiotic even though I’m not on an antibiotic because it just makes me feel better. Seratonin receptors are greater in number in your GI tract than in your brain. Strange but true. If you have a healthy GI tract, you mood will be enhanced. You’ll be happier. You can find information on this all over the Net.) Love your new journal. How did you deckle the edges?

    • Thank you so much Patsye for your advice πŸ™‚ , I eat a lot of yogurt, but probably it’s not the same.. and now I an going to visit the link you sent me… About the deckle edges, let’s say I played violin with a kitchen serrated knife and the edges of the notebook.. πŸ™‚ ..

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