Art journaling – Painting landscape in watercolor

Guess what???
A made a new watercolor / sketch book.
The only think I hadn’t, it was the possibility
to paint those long long long landscapes…
…and I had to make one for me.

So here it is my very first long long long landscape…
Hope you like it.. 🙂


If you use an Art journal or a sketchbook,
come and join to our group (The Art Journal Group)..
We are waiting for you..


One thought on “Art journaling – Painting landscape in watercolor

  1. I do like it. I like it a lot. You are both good and prolific at this art form. I wish I had more time to paint, but the garden has been calling for the past few days. We’ve had a heat wave and some of my newer plants are in distress. I tried painting last night, but was too tired. AND, my Internet was off and the help phone number was constantly busy so I knew it wasn’t me – but them – and could only wait for it to come back on, which was this morning.

    I really look forward to seeing all your new sketches and paintings. Thank you so much for sharing your art. Patsye

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