Painting on Post Cards with watercolor


Just finished to paint this postcard with watercolors..
To say the truth, it’s probably not going anywhere else
than in my TN.. I was just trying a brush I used time ago for the one stroke technique with acrylics
and it finally results it is so good for trees in watercolor.. Glad to know that now…


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We are waiting for you..


6 thoughts on “Painting on Post Cards with watercolor

  1. Was it a flat? I have a ton of them from my decorative painting days and wondered how they would hold the paint. I think I’ll try that because they are great for trees and buildings. I only have a few watercolor brushes, all rounds, but I also have two riggers I haven’t even tried to use yet. Love this painting. Love ALL your paintings. Patsye

    • Thank you so much Patsye… I love your paintings too.. ❀ ..
      The brush I used is a small scruffy one.. I tried flat also but I still didn't find the right move for trees with it.. πŸ™‚

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