Art Journaling – Succulents in pen and watercolor

Someone who is trying to understand watercolors
asked me if I could explain to her how they works…

This was my answer:

So  I think watercoloring is like painting the reflection of objects in our dreams..
You have to look away from the reality and let you guide from imagination in
this water-world of fading colors..
That’s why I love more watercolors than acrylics…
You don’t paint following the rules of the technique
but following the rules of your infinite imagination..



If you use an Art journal or a sketchbook,
come and join to our group (The Art Journal Group)..
We are waiting for you..


5 thoughts on “Art Journaling – Succulents in pen and watercolor

  1. i totally agree with you.. watercolor also create a more dreamlike version of what we see and think 🙂 sadly, not everyone thinks much of watercolor as it thought that depth and texture cannot be created.. i disagree, dry watercolor techniques are amazing too 🙂

    • Yes, the watercolor technique is awesome.. not only to give depth and texture but also color fading.. I think people who say such things just don’t know how to use it but are too proud of their selfs to admit that.. 🙂

      • Haha I totally agree ! I can proudly say I’m still learning how to use acrylic and plenty screw ups still but loving the journey of self-education! I’m looking forward to your next entries.. They are so full of life 🙂

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