My pen & watercolor technique – answers

Hi there, today I am going to answer to some
questions that  Patsye (from the beautiful blog whimseytopia)
made me about my way to use watercolors..

I will start with the fact I don’t Photoshop my photos..
The colors you see are almost like the real.. and I say almost cause
different screens could show lightly different colors..
..The language I write is italian..

So let’s begin…

First of all I used to paint with acrylics.. Here two examples


Some people thought I painted those with oil.. but no..  it’s acrylic..
a lot of  layers of different colors.. and as much as I try to simplify my style
with watercolors, almost every color you see in my watercolor works are composed
from 4 or 5 layers of different colors.. Note, I first use a brush lightly wet and then
with more water I fade the edges.. and also I never wet the paper before painting,
so all of those are probably some of the reasons my colors are so vivid.

Here I took some pieces from my watercolor works.. the roof on the top right is made
with ochre, light and then dark brown, a little of red, some mauve and grey..
You could think my technique take a lot of time but believe me.. I am very quick in what I do…


Another thing I retain very important to make my paintings more intense is the contrast..
and this is how I give that contrast to my works:
I chose Unipin pens to make my sketches.. They are perfectly waterproof, their ink dry fast and
when it dry it doesn’t become grey.. It remains a beautiful wet deep black that I love…
and after sketching and watercoloring, with a almost dry small brush I took the
Winsor & Newton Ivory black and mark some of the sketch lines I think will make the difference..
Believe me, without the deep black ink of unipin pens and without the W&N Ivory black marks here and there,
that bird and every other of my painting wouldn’t be the same at all..

I use Winsor & Newton watercolors.. I find their colors so alive..
but I also use some cheaper I found (Goomby) that are so good for a first general color layer


I really hope you liked my post.. 🙂


One thought on “My pen & watercolor technique – answers

  1. I LOVE this post! I learned more here than I learned in my last watercolor class. You are so right about contrast, and I need to be more diligent with that. The use of the layers is brilliant, and though I’ve tried, I often wind up losing color rather than enhancing when I try adding more color; things turn muddy. We use the same paint and I should get the same results, but I don’t always, or even often. Thank you for sharing all this information. I enjoy that you post so many photos, which are always helpful. You should be teaching watercolors. Do you? Patsye

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