Art journaling – pen & watercolor

Hi again.. I am testing some watercolor-books I have bought days ago..
and I am really in trouble at this moment cause as you can see I have now
4 art journals in use… The problem is I don’t know what to choose..
The best paper is for sure the one I used for my Faedori (Midori TN)
but I also love my beautiful Moleskine sketchbook and I like the A5 and A4 size too
although as you can see the A4 paper has some problems with water ..


So now let me show my two new entries in the A4 (first) and in the A5 (second) notebooks




If you use an Art journal or a sketchbook,
come and join to our group (The Art Journal Group)..
We are waiting for you..



4 thoughts on “Art journaling – pen & watercolor

  1. Once again these are beautiful. I don’t know if your journals are made of watercolor paper, as mine are, but I am inspired by the brilliance of the color of your paintings. Do you PhotoShop them? Do you use multiple washes? Or do you have better paints? I’m using Windsor Newton, professional grade, and I don’t get near the bang for my buck that you do.

    May I also ask what language you are writing in? So many questions, but know that I am an avid fan. I’m in the garden, and have been for several days, but will be painting again soon. Patsye

  2. love your beautiful watercolour drawing. working with watercolour is such a lovely medium. I had the same issue, water-colour can be tricky to use on sketchbooks because the water does not absorb on normal paper well. I chosen a mix media SeaWhite Travel sketchbook which takes watercolour very well. I suggest to look for a mixed media / water-colour sketchbook.

    Plus Thank you for the like on my post.

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