Moleskine art and postcards – pen and watercolor

I found a photo of a beautiful couple of owls kissing…
This photo was one of the most sweet things I ever saw…
So you know what was next… I took my Moleskine sketchbook ,
my Unipin pen and my watercolors and this is what happened… 🙂


And a closer look …


They are so cute… ❤ ❤

And I am also having some fun making postcard to send to my family
and friends in Italy.. This one is my first and I am really happy with the result..


If you use an Art journal or a sketchbook,
come and join to our group (The Art Journal Group)..
We are waiting for you..


2 thoughts on “Moleskine art and postcards – pen and watercolor

  1. Lovely. The owls [how I wish we had some owls around here] and their feathers are difficult. I have tried and not succeeded. And the flowers for posts are beautiful. I bought some cards awhile back, and you have encouraged me to find them and start sending some of my art to my faraway friends. Thank you for that. I enjoy your art. You are inspiring. I especially like your colors. You are very good with color. Patsye

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