Painting time, Presents and Shopping…

  First of all, let’s add some color to the page… 🙂
When I paint…..


My mother gave me this .. It’s so beautiful…
a large Moleskine sketchbook… they told her it has no problem with watercolors…
I still didn’t try to… I am so afraid to ruin it… Am I silly???


And finally my travel case arrived.. it is already full…
only one thing is missing and I am going to buy it next week..
a watercolor pocket box Winsor & Newton… can’t wait …


If you have an Art journal or a sketchbook too,
come and join us to our group (The Art Journal Group)..
We are waiting for you..


3 thoughts on “Painting time, Presents and Shopping…

  1. Beautiful photos in your posts. Maybe by now you’ve already figured it out….. but re: the Moleskine sketchbook. IF it IS the sketchbook and not the watercolor book…. it is truly awful for watercolors. We joke that the paper is waterproof. Still, I know a couple people who do manage to paint in it. Many of Chandler’s sketches are done it it

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